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LERRY x SANY Pink size XL

LERRY invites SAMUEL NYHOLM to make a design

for this Epic Sweater ðŸ€ðŸ›ï¸ðŸ‡ðŸºðŸ‘€


There’s no exact meaning of the Cleopatra like goddess on the back,  she’s the one smashing the vases. She's a composite of Aphrodite and her Mesopotamian sources, Ishtar and Inanna, goddess of love and death, creation and destruction, as Venus and Lucifer, a mythological trickster deriving from the morning star. 
The upside down ∀ is the all quantificator in predicate logic, meaning a property of all, but also the Alef, the prototype of the greek A, that originally meant both one, infinity and chaos. 
The pine twigs stand for immortality...

The dough roll is known to all hand building potters.

Potsherds fly around all over the sleeves.


Silkprinted black on pink.

80% Organic Cotton - 20% Recycled Polyester

Responsibly sourced Fair Wear


LERRY x SANY Pink size XL

85,00 €Price
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