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〰️➿ About LERRY ➿〰️

👀 LERRY ceramics was created in 2020 by Elke Vanlerberghe (°1975), who lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. 🏺 All pottery is handmade and fired in the backyard studio. 🏛️ Each piece is unique and is a result of a playful exploration with clay, decorations and glaze. 🏀 The more these ceramics make you smile, the more they have accomplished their mission. 🎀


〰️➿ About the CERAMICS ➿〰️

👀 All LERRY ceramics are hand built or wheel thrown with stoneware clay. Finished with underglaze and transparent glaze on top or with a mix of coloured glazes. 🏺 All stoneware mugs, cups, plates, spoons and bowls are food safe and dishwasher safe, although preferably hand washed. 🎀  The decorative pieces, wall hangers and candle holders are not food safe. 🏀 Please keep in mind that each piece is not a standard industrial product. Due to the nature of handmade ceramics each piece has charming irregularities. 🏛️

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